Memberships do not expire. You will be billed for the next term at the end of the current term. In order to change your membership status you must contact the Chief Membership Officer in writing, email, or phone before the last business day of the month.

Inactive Status. Membership may be changed to Inactive status for no less than six months and no longer than two years. The charge for becoming inactive for a period of up to one year is $85. The fee to remain inactive for a second year (or any part of that year) is an additional $85.  To obtain this status, Central Exchange must receive a written request by the last business day of the month. Inactive status enables the member to attend a CX program and pay the non-member rate. Inactive status members will continue to receive all mailings, member e-mails and Central Exchange information and will have member access to the web site. Membership can be reactivated at any time. Call the Chief Membership Officer to have your membership status changed.

Reinstatement. A former member in good standing with no outstanding balance at the time of resignation may reactivate membership by paying a reinstatement fee equal to one-half of the initiation fee.

Resignation. Any member who wishes to resign in good standing, with no outstanding balance, must submit a written resignation before the last day of the business month to avoid dues being charged for the following month. The resignation will be effective as of the first day of the following month if all outstanding charges have been paid.  If all outstanding charges have not been paid in full, the membership will be deemed terminated and the account will be recommended for collection proceedings.  Any member who has resigned in good standing can reinstate the membership for one-half of the current initiation fee.


Billing. Our billing cycle runs from the first business day of the month through the last business day of the month.  The monthly statement, found online, includes dues for the current month and any charges incurred from the previous month for the following:

·                Facility usage

·                Validated parking tickets

·                Guest & no show charges for programs

·                Special Activities (i.e.- wine dinners, book purchases)

All payments must be received by the last working day of the month in order to avoid delinquent status.   A late fee of 5% will be assessed on all balances over 60 days old.

Delinquent Accounts. After 30 days, unpaid accounts are considered delinquent. Unless satisfactory arrangements for payment are made, membership privileges may be suspended. Members should be proactive in addressing unpaid balances by contacting the Accounting Assistant at 816-471-7560 ext. 16.

ACH Processing. We will not share any financial information collected on this site.  We only have access to information that you voluntarily provide.  We take precautions to protect your financial information.  When you submit financial information via this website, your information is protected both online and offline.

Cancellation of Program Reservations. A $15 fee will be assessed for any reservations not cancelled prior to 5pm the previous day of program.  Cancellations may be made online by going to your CX events calendar selecting the program you wish to cancel, and click “cancel my reservation”. Cancellations may also be made by calling the Central Exchange office at 816-471-7560.

Guests. Members are welcome to bring guests to CX programs or events. Guest charges can be billed to the member’s account or guests may pre-pay with a credit card by calling the Accounting Assistant at 816-471-7560 ext. 16. Guests may also make their reservations online.

Non-members, who are not guests of a member, must pre-pay in order to make a program reservation online.  Payment at the door will not be accepted.  If the reservation is not cancelled prior to the program, no refund will be issued.

Payment Plan.  Members who wish to pay outstanding balances in monthly installments should contact Chief Membership Officer to make arrangements.

Temporary Suspension & Termination. If a member's account is delinquent by 30 days or more and the member has not contacted the Chief Membership Officer to make payment arrangements, Central Exchange may temporarily suspend membership. The purpose of this status is to allow members to retain membership while eliminating the financial obligation of dues over a short period of time. A member under this status must agree to begin making monthly payments on the delinquent balance within a three-month period.

The suspended member may attend programs, but must pay the non-member rates in advance. Suspended members will continue to receive Central Exchange communications, but will not be billed dues nor have charge privileges on their CX membership account.  

Once the suspended account is paid in full, the membership will be reactivated.  A member whose account has been temporarily suspended for six months or more may be terminated and the account will be recommended for collection.  The President & CEO shall review all members who have been in temporary suspension status for more than six months.  A member cannot be put on Temporary Suspension more than twice in two years.


Private Dining Downtown. We can accommodate your group for a lunch in our small meeting rooms. Please call in advance for reservations and to check availability. Facilities are available for private bookings and may be reserved by contacting the Chief Operating Officer at 816-471-7560 ext.15.

Service Fee. A service charge of 23% is automatically added to each dining ticket for non-members and 13% for members.

Special Dietary Needs. Every effort will be made to handle special dietary requirements of members and guests.  Vegetarian lunches are available.  For occasions when a set menu has been arranged, it is necessary to give 24 hours’ notice for a special meal to be served.

Alcoholic Beverages. Only members and guests who are 21 years of age or older will be served alcoholic beverages.

Central Exchange, Overland Park. Lunch is served at programs and special interest group that meet over the noon hour. Facilities are available for private bookings and can be reserved by contacting the Chief Operating Officer.


Central Exchange Sponsored Programs. Special Interest Groups and Councils may sponsor events or hold meetings at Central Exchange. Central Exchange is a nonsectarian, nonpartisan organization, which does not support or oppose religious, political or legislative issues. The Board of Directors reserves the right to withhold approval for any special interest group or event which in its judgment is contrary to these principals.

Room Reservations/Room Charges. Members or non-members may reserve rooms at either location for private events or meetings any time of day.  All private events for members at the Downtown or Overland Park location require a proposal from the Chief Operating Officer, which is to be signed and returned to the Business Office within three working days of the booking. The proposal will list food, beverage, usage, AV and service charge costs based on minimum number of guests. The quote is subject to change if the number of guests increases, but minimums will be enforced. You may cancel the event within 72 working hours of the day the event is to take place.  Because the Business Office is only open weekdays, we will not accept cancellations made over the weekend.

The Business Office will verify receipt of all contracts prior to the event. Those members who do not return the proposals with their signature may forfeit their booking and any deposits made.

Member use of rooms. Members may use the rooms listed below at no charge if the group size is less than 6 and the meeting is less than 3 hours.  Otherwise the charge for the room is $25 per hour.  Reservations must be made in advance and are subject to availability.

            Downtown:                                        South:

            Meeting Place                                  Library

            Board Room                                     Board Room


Deposits. A non-refundable deposit may be required at the time arrangements are made for events that include food service.

Catering. Central Exchange must provide the food and beverage service for private events.  Arrangements may be made by calling the Chief Operating Officer to book a private event.


Co-Sponsorship. All events or programs co-sponsored by Central Exchange must be reviewed by the President & CEO and comply with the policy guidelines as approved by Central Exchange board.

E-mail Policy. Central Exchange reserves the use of members’ e-mail addresses for internal marketing. Central Exchange sends e-mail messages to inform the membership of programs, services available to members, cancelled programs and other important information. Members who would like to be excluded from this list and do not wish to receive regular CX emails should notify the Chief Membership Officer.

Employment Opportunities. As a source of information for our members, employment opportunities may be posted on our website. Central Exchange does not participate in screening of candidates for employment.

Ideas. Suggestions and concerns can be submitted here.

Non-member Access to Programs. Non-members are welcome to attend programs as a member’s guest or on their own.  Non-members attending programs will be required to pre-pay by credit card online, unless they are the guest of a member.   Due to the nature of our organization, non-members who wish to attend special interest groups regularly will need to become a member. 

Directory. A directory of Central Exchange member is available online and is a benefit only available to members. Discretion in the use of this information is requested.

Use of the ‘Central Exchange’ name. The name ‘Central Exchange’ and associated logo are registered trademarks of Central Exchange and cannot be used in selling or promoting any product or in soliciting business.  If you have questions about the use of these registered marks, please call our CEO.

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