Speakers Bureau Frequently Asked Questions

What types of speaking engagements are included?

Speaking engagements might include keynotes, lunch-and-learns, dinner speakers, club or church meetings, etc. The typical speech/presentation is expected to be around 30-60 minutes.

Will speaking engagements encompass training and workshops (e.g., anything more than 2 hours)

No. The contacts you make may open this area of business for you at a subsequent time but these are not products the Speakers Bureau will market.

Can speakers charge for their services?

Speakers can choose whether or not to charge fees to the requesting organization. If they choose to do so, that is a negotiation between the speaker and the Requestor directly. The CX is not part of that transaction.

Do I have to disclose how much I am charging for my presentations?

No. This is between you and the Requestor.

What specific information will be supplied to the Requestor?

Initially, the Requestor will receive name, contact information, speech titles and descriptions, bio, and whether or not fees may be charged. These are all fields that can assist them in their vetting process.

How will the CX ensure the quality of the speakers?

A Central Exchange staff member will conduct a brief follow-up survey with the Requestor regarding speaker quality. This information will be provided to you after the engagement.

Can I collect my own speaker evaluations?

Yes and you are encouraged to do so. We can provide a basic template for this that you may modify or you may use your own evaluation method. You are responsible for making copies and taking them to the presentation site.

Will the CX do all the vetting regarding speaker quality?

No. We will conduct some initial vetting and do the ongoing evaluation calls but we want the main responsibility for vetting and choosing a speaker to be the responsibility of the requestor. This is primarily to preserve fairness by the CX in being an unbiased supporter of all the speakers. We also don’t want to put the CX in the position of guaranteeing or warranting speaker quality.

How can I update the information in my application (e.g., speech titles, descriptions, etc.)?

You can submit updates to Millie Knopp, Central Exchange Program Coordinator (millie@centralexchange.org). However, for process efficiency purposes, the database will only be updated once a month.

What other support can I expect from the Speakers Bureau?

The Speakers Bureau will provide a presentation logistics form that might be helpful to think about as you set up your engagement. It might include things such as asking about audio visual equipment, what will the venue look like, pointers on checking the lighting or setting up your powerpoint presentation, etc. Basically, things to anticipate that will make your speaking engagement go more smoothly.

Can a speaker be asked to leave the Speakers Bureau?

Yes.  If you become an inactive member, you will no longer be eligible to be a speaker. Other circumstances are also evaluated. For example, continual low ratings from requestors may be a cause for removal.

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