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 Position: Chief Financial Officer

            Part Time: 20 – 25 hours per week          

 Position Description:

The CFO will be responsible for all aspects of reporting and recording of financial activities within the organization. Accountable for organizing audits, filing tax returns, and preparing financial statements in accordance with GAAP. CFO will be liable for budgeting, financial analysis and forecasting, and evaluating monetary areas of risk and investment. CFO will monitor the overall financial performance of the organization through the creation and application of financial information systems.

CFO will serve as the staff lead for the Board Finance Committee, and will work with CEO to develop a long-term strategic financial plan. CFO will also help evaluate productivity and search for areas of efficiency that can be further developed within the organization to increase profitability. 

  • Prepare monthly and annual financial statements
  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows
  • Conduct bank reconciliations
  • Continuously update financial activity via journal entries and adjusting journal entries
  • Lead the Board Finance Committee
  • Prepare event revenue reconciliations
  • Manage organization’s annual and monthly budgets
  • Use cash flow forecasting to determine the company’s financial stance regarding the inflow and outflow of money
  • Oversee annual audit for organization
Desired Skills:

Written and Verbal Communication
Communicates concisely in a clear, logical, and confident manner. Punctuation and grammar are pristine in any written format.

Financial Management
Accurately estimate project plans and budgets for the organization and its upcoming events. Shows clear knowledge of GAAP and the various financial aspects affecting the organization.

Decision Making:
Understands the short and long term goals of the organization to aid in the judgement of financial decisions.

Stress Management:

Keeps control of emotions and behaviors even in stressful situations. Works well under pressure and has a positive attitude.


Able to adapt quickly to new tasks, goals, and people. 
Related Experience and Education Qualifications:

Five years of experience in senior finance position required. Non-profit experience a plus but not required.  

Email resumes to Courtney Thomas at courtney@centralexchange.org

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