Women in STEMM is a Central Exchange initiative designed to put a well-deserved spotlight on women in Kansas City working in the fields of science, technology, engineering, math and medicine. By focusing on successful STEMM leaders, WiSTEMM hopes to draw attention to the resource shortfall in these careers and provide inspiration for others to pursue careers in these areas.

In June 2013, the Women in STEMM initiative became the newest committee with direct board oversight. Holly Streeter-Schaefer, board member, became the vice-chair for the WiSTEMM committee. The elevation of this committee to its current rank would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Anna Randazzo and Susan Warren, founding co-chairs- talented and passionate individuals committed to the advancement of women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine. Anna will continue to co-chair the committee in partnership with Holly. Congratulations to the entire WiSTEMM team!


CX WiSTEMM is the leader in connecting, inspiring, and supporting the professional growth of women in STEMM.


  • Fostering community by providing women in STEMM with a forum to share thoughts, advice and experiences.  
  • Inspiring women to lead within their organizations and industries.
  • Championing women in STEMM careers by celebrating individual achievements and acknowledging companies that promote women in STEMM. 
  • Supporting women entering, transitioning, or growing their STEMM careers through networking, mentoring and professional development.  
Stemmy Awards

Central Exchange is proud to host the Stemmy Awards to celebrate the accomplishments of all women in STEMM careers across the greater Kansas City area. Please join us next fall, where we will recognize women in STEMM-related careers and provide a forum to share thoughts, advice and experiences. We will begin seeking Stemmy nominations in Spring 2015.


Our Teams have a unique purpose  and work together to promote WiSTEMM in the Kansas City Area.

Quarterly Speaker Series

Purpose: Inspire, engage, and educate audiences through high-quality, targeted speaker events that address challenges, opportunities and resources specific to STEMM careers.
Quarterly WiSTEMM Socials
Purpose: Coordinate quarterly networking event for women in STEMM in an informal, after hours, social setting.
CX Lyceum 2014
Purpose: Participate in CX Lyceum Committee planning efforts in an advisory role and assist with coordination and execution of tasks that support the event.
Special Interest Breakouts
Purpose: Provide a platform to allow any group of WiSTEMM members (2 or more) with a common interest to form breakout sessions for the purpose of knowledge sharing or skills development in STEMM related areas.
CX Programs & Services
Purpose: WiSTEMM member group to meet quarterly with Edgar to a) provide ideas on program topics, b) suggest speakers ,c) review programs for WiSTEMM stamp of approval.
Gala, Awards, & Recognition
Purpose: Promote the accomplishments of the members of WiSTEMM both internal to the Central Exchange as well as within the community at large.
Alliances & Affiliations
Purpose: Build relationships with external organizations that complement CX WiSTEMM direction and focus.
CX Speaker’s Bureau
Purpose: Participate in CX Speaker’s Bureau Sub-Committee planning and implementation efforts in an advisory role to facilitate participation by both WiSTEMM speakers as well as WiSTEMM companies and groups who may have the need for speakers at their events.
Purpose: Build and further the WiSTEMM brand by overseeing our Brand Strategy, driving social media and CX website postings, and creating other marketing materials as needed.
Purpose: The Growth team acts as the recruiting arm of the WiSTEMM Committee by recruiting new members into WiSTEMM as members and on committees.  Facilitate succession planning of all team chair and chair elect positions.

Meet the women behind WiSTEMM

Committee Chairs
CX Board Chair Holly Streeter-Schaefer
Chair Anna Randazzo
Chair Elect Cindy Schmitt
Quarterly WiSTEMM Speaker Series
Chair Deb Grunst
Chair Elect Janelle Bailey
Karla Zanker
Nikki Kline
Julie Matlage
Karla Degginger
Chair Mary Noulles
Chair Elect Nikki Kline
CX Lyceum 2014
Chair Vicki Holmes
Chair Elect Sarah Hebert
Special Interest Breakouts
Chair Renee Keffer
Chair Elect Pat Cassady
Shelley Wolff
CX Programs & Services
Chair Audrey Hobbs-Parker
Chair Elect Open
Alliances & Affiliations
Chair Laura Treml
Chair Elect Stacy Schieffer
Karen Harrison
Maureen Purcell – NX Liaison
CX Speaker’s Bureau
Chair Sharon Valasek
Chair Elect Jennifer Lindsey
Chair Cara Miller
Chair Elect Melanie Haas
Chair Janette Blood
Chair Elect Open
Recognition, Awards & STEMMys
Chair Vicki Holmes
Chair Elect Kaitlin Motley
Sharon Valasek


WiSTEMM Socials - Quarterly Events - Watch our Calendar for dates to RSVP! 
WiSTEMM STEMMys - Save the date September 25th, 2014 at the Midland Theatre. Learn more.


Kansas City Business Journal 
UMKC Today

Need a speaker or more information?
Contact Susan Bruce, Manager Member Experience 

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